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Complying for Growth

Many cyber companies are diversifying portfolios from traditional roots in the defense industry to participate in Critical Infrastructure Protection, Fortune 500, and International markets, especially as many solutions are directly applicable to solve similar problem sets.

Exposure to a wider audience requires some additional housekeeping.  We think it is worth re-looking now at your existing portfolio from two perspectives as your business ventures into these new areas:

  • Department of State: Compliance with US export law and regulations
  • Department of Commerce: Compliance with US commodity classifications

A quick checklist of internal compliance items to review include:

  1. Documentation
  2. Policies
  3. Internal audits
  4. Reseller oversight and compliance
  5. Exchange of technical data
  6. Recordkeeping
  7. Reporting requirements
  8. Access controls
  9. Training
  10. Exemptions

As footprints across these markets evolve, one could imagine a development cycle where lessons learned, threat intelligence, and research & development projects are pooled across these diverse sectors to evolve next generation military-grade advanced products and services.