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Cyber Box Office: DoD’s Cyberspace Operating Strategy Gets Two Stars


We all look forward to the release of a new movie and the excitement or drama it hopes to portray.  As an investment banking firm that covers cyberspace, we too look forward to new releases of special recommendations or industry news that everyone will be talking about.  However, despite hundreds of articles and news reports on the cyber world each week, it seems much of the recent cyber chatter has become outmoded.  This redundancy led to increased excitement when we heard about DoD unveiling a new strategy for protecting cyberspace; yet after reading through the new plan, we gave it just two stars.  Some of our opinions are:

  • Each of the five initiatives is exactly what we’ve seen played on the various movie trailers before the release of this plan.  If you have been reading up on recent cyber articles, then it is not hard to see that all of these initiatives have been echoed by various government leaders and industry executives.
  • We are in 2011, yet the plan seems to be written to address matters dating back to 2000.  Another way to put this is we are currently leaning how to do algebra while our enemies are doing calculus.
  • The climax of the plan is that it does acknowledge cyberspace as the fifth domain, and as a result, it will be ensured that matters related to computer operations will get the necessary funding and capabilities to protect and secure this domain.

As with any critic’s report, this is only based on opinions of the writer, and others may have different views. Additionally, we can all bet there will be a sequel to this strategic plan.  And although sequels tend to get worse, you can bet KippsDeSanto is going to be among the first ones at the box office, waiting to hear what is next on cyber.