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As the holiday season becomes nestled firmly in the rear view mirror, the onset of a new year carries with it a few certainties: an increase in [unused] gym memberships, bitter cold weather, and (among our personal favorites) Healthcare Conferences – and 2014 is no different.

Mid-January saw another J.P. Morgan (“JPM”) Healthcare conference, an industry event that draws thousands of attendees from across the Healthcare stratosphere.  Historically known as having a strong pharmaceutical / biotech focus, constantly evolving and intricate policies (read: Affordable Care Act) have welcomed an influx of high technology companies focused on supporting these initiatives.  The visibility of cloud, big data, analytics, and mobility companies continues to increase, (with a steady stream of investors close in tow), all looking to capitalize on robust market dynamics.

This evolution in attendance and exhibitors caused a subset of the JPM conference to resemble the annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (“HiMSS”) conference, slated for the end of February.  As we gear up to hit the floor for another exciting conference, including keynote speakers from leadership across both government and industry, we’ll be keenly focused on the aforementioned convergence of technology advancements.  Key HiMSS topics for 2014 include: (i) clinical and business intelligence; (ii) ICD-10; (iii) interoperability; (iv) mobile health, and; (v) patient engagement – an agenda that demonstrates some noticeable overlap with select themes from the JPM conference.  And if this list looks vaguely reminiscent of years past, it should, as the evolution of healthcare reform has not been an overnight undertaking.  In 2014, we expect M&A and venture dollars to chase the spending in critical technology areas, such as interoperability, predictive analytics, big data management, and security, across both public and private healthcare sectors, and especially where applicable to the mission challenges of customer darlings CMS and VA, amongst others.