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Is Big Data Coming to RSA Conference 2013?


KippsDeSanto & Co. attended RSA Conference held in San Francisco, CA last week, and this year’s theme was “The Great Cipher Mightier Than the Sword”.  The conference continues to promote collaboration among peers and delivered an array of expert-led knowledge sessions, in addition to filling the expo floor with over 300 companies and organizations, and their various gizmos and marketing lures to attract attendees.

Three of the common topics covered during the track sessions and marketed by the companies at the conference were cloud, speed, and visualization.  Given the importance of cloud security and reliability as an integral component of the enterprise solution, the worn-out phrase “cloud” was used and heard throughout the conference. 

Secondly, exhibitors were quick to point out the speed of the technologies has reached upwards of 10 Gbps as noted on poster boards throughout the building.  It will be interesting to see how much the speed will have increased by next year’s conference. 

Last but not least, visualization of the technology’s functionality is no longer a nice to have, but a must have part of the conference.  In the past, visualization was not a focal point when it came to security technology, but it is now something everyone must be able to provide to demonstrate their capabilities.

Although it was nice to see how the technologies have evolved from last year’s conference, it is more important to note where it is headed.  Based on the track sessions and the exhibits, one of the obvious items for next year will be an increased emphasis on mobile security.

However, another interesting item that was bubbling at the conference was the issue of “Big Data” related to security.  Given the importance of the “Big Data” problem, there are two particular hurdles which should be noted.  One – given the number of data being stored by each organization, everyone is struggling to keep up with where and how their security blankets should be applied across all of their data.  Secondly, many industry experts continue to endorse the need to provide situational awareness and ability to conduct forensic analysis, when applicable. 

However, the amount of network data that is needed to allow an organization to provide these functionalities is very challenging, as network data is being generated by digital enablement of multiple artifacts at an even faster rate than traditional data sets.  At the conference, many of the experts highlighted this challenge, but no one had any solution for it.  The “Big Data” challenge tide has started to cross the path to security territories, and it is standing in line for RSA Conference 2013.