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KippsDeSanto brings innovative technologies to the IC

On June 14, 2011, we co-hosted, as part of our efforts with MissionLink, a one-day offsite to connect 30 innovative technology companies with decision-makers across the Intelligence Community (“IC”).  The Tech-Connect event resembled something more akin to a Silicon Valley venture capital conference than the traditional government industry day.  We received an incredible amount of positive feedback from the IC technologists that were in attendance – it seems they rarely get a broad sense of what technologies are available in the marketplace.

As you can imagine, the buzz was centered around the hot topics that are dominating customer priorities and M&A trends – big data, cloud computing, security and widgets.

Big Data – the sheer volume and different types of data (structured and unstructured) that is available to the end-user is, in some ways, dis-heartening.  It is not all accessible or usable right now, which is a serious problem for the mission.  We see big opportunities for companies that can ingest, exploit, share and store scalable amounts of data.

Cloud Computing – the move to the cloud is on, but not in ways that are often advertised.  The IC represents a particular challenge for companies offering cloud solutions, as the sensitivity of the data and legacy cultural issues make a blanket solution unacceptable.  Interesting plays exist for companies that can effectively and securely work together to provision pieces of an organizations’ IT infrastructure or applications to the cloud.

Security – this issue is being dealt with from so many different angles it is hard to keep track.  Many of the tools offered today successfully address the problems associated with buttressing a sensitive network or workflow.  Our discussions with current and former government customers lead us to believe that the winners in this area will be companies that can clearly articulate (i) the independent virtues of their security technology and (ii) how they fit / complement the rest of the security stack to enhance the situational awareness.

Widgets – tremendous effort is being focused on allowing the non-IT end-user to pick and choose the tools that will optimize their performance.  This is a wide-open area and will continue to evolve quickly – similar to the social media craze that is currently taking the public markets by storm.  Virtualization and collaboration are the key themes.