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By Jon Yim

After months of speculation, NetWitness Corporation announced its acquisition by EMC Corporation / RSA Security on April 4th.  NetWitness, a market leader in network security analysis solutions, had long been a prime target of potential acquisition overtures.

NetWitness utilizes its sophisticated security products for traffic capture, classification, and analysis – a focus of both government and private sector cybersecurity initiatives.  For EMC / RSA Security, the announcement of a big splash acquisition to further bolster its security offerings comes just weeks after a well-publicized breach of RSA’s SecurID two-factor authentication solution – an event that may have benefitted from NetWitness’ monitoring and threat remediation capabilities.  Combined with existing RSA products, the solutions offered by NetWitness create the potential for a large-scale security management architecture, affording a more holistic approach to protecting the computing environment.

Additionally, this deal highlights recurring themes in the security arena affecting M&A interests:

  • Need for actionable intelligence to effectively quantify and codify growing amounts of data
  • Continued desire for technologies that enable situational awareness
  • Demand for enhanced detection of network anomalies beyond traditional security information and event management (“SIEM”)
  • Heightened emphasis on automated analysis and secure data management