“The quality of the KippsDeSanto staff and their process far exceeded our expectations! When we started the engagement we had a very focused idea of what great looked like and where we wanted to go. Their very organized and iterative process helped us to see new options that we did not imagine. They helped us to see our business in a different way which helped us broaden our aperture. We would never had found our final acquiror without KippsDeSanto and that has paid enormous dividends to our staff and our go to market strategy.”

Bill Hummel, President of ERPi


“The KippsDeSanto (KDC) team worked in close partnership with the owners and management team throughout the entire sale process. KDC was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure key objectives were met. KDC’s experience, advice, and hustle were invaluable to us during a critical time for our company. We would recommend their services to other entrepreneurs contemplating potential strategic alternatives, including a sale of their business. Thanks to their excellence, knowledge of the likely buyer universe, and extraordinary transaction execution, we achieved a successful outcome and found a perfect partner that shares our vision and culture.”

Charlie “Chief” Robbins, COO & Senior Executive VP of CRAssociates, Inc.


“When POC’s explosive growth and a particularly aggressive market coalesced in late 2019, KippsDeSanto ensured that we were prepared for a comprehensive and compressed sale process. Skillfully shepherding us through all phases of the transaction, and doing so almost entirely from a virtual perspective in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, their team provided around-the-clock support and priority-treatment throughout the process. Leveraging a deep well of industry experience and buyer relationships, the KippsDeSanto team reached out to the appropriate suitors and effectively highlighted our most attractive characteristics. This expert approach ensured the best possible outcome for all involved and an excellent fit with Mercury Systems. The entire experience certified our initial impression that KippsDeSanto was the right choice.”

Kevin Walter, President, Physical Optics Corporation

the goal
“Following a years-long relationship, the KippsDeSanto team worked with me until the company was best positioned to maximize value. Through the entire transaction process, they supported and guided me and my team, demonstrating commitment and dedication to ensuring our objectives were met, as evidenced by their relentless support in helping us navigate the complexities of a process. KippsDeSanto’s vast industry knowledge and relationships in the sector also enabled the best possible outcome for the transaction. My team and I personally enjoyed working with each member of the KippsDeSanto team and would recommend their services to other entrepreneurs contemplating potential strategic alternatives. Thanks to their guidance, we achieved a successful transaction and found an excellent partner that shares our strategic vision and corporate culture.”
Mark Simons, Founder and CEO of The Goal

KippsDeSanto & Co. Advises Whitney, Bradley, and Brown, Inc., an affiliate of H.I.G. Capital, on its Sale to Serco

The KippsDeSanto team has been a true value-added partner throughout our ownership of Whitney, Bradley, and Brown (WBB). Kipps DeSanto has known the business and Robert Olsen, WBB’s CEO, for over a decade and was uniquely positioned to advise us and the company on our sale process. We appreciate all of the KippsDeSanto team’s hard work and guidance to achieve a successful outcome for all stakeholders and find a great next partner for the business in Serco.

Jeff Zanarini, Managing Director, H.I.G. Capital

“After significant HHB Systems contract wins, and a “do-it-yourself” sell miscue in 2019, external transaction interest in our firm became apparent, and we strategized with the KippsDeSanto team, and I am grateful we did.  The market timing was right and the KippsDeSanto team went to work.  In the middle of the COVID pandemic, they seemingly worked 24/7 guiding us through the transaction preparation, the offering, the management presentations (all online via Zoom), and the “win-win” close of the final transaction.  The transaction was completed in record time and the KippsDeSanto team exceeded all of our expectations.  We couldn’t be happier, and I could not have done it without them.”

Brent Hermansen, Co-founder and CEO of HHB Systems

“As a business owner, the team at KippsDesanto has been invaluable to me personally, to confide in and lean on as we built the business from a start-up company to a multi-million dollar business and award-winning industry leader. I’ve worked in the GovCon industry in the Washington DC area for more than 25 years, participating intimately in 6 M&A transactions along the way and can say without hesitation that the team at KippsDesanto is the very best in the business!”

Sandy Corbett, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

“TeraThink needed to do something dramatic to provide growth and opportunities for our employees, broaden our market presence, and enhance our services to transform the missions of our customers.  In 2017 KippsDeSanto provided strategic advice, guidance, and validation on our merger thesis and invaluable input as our merger partner.  Following successful integration of the two companies, KippsDeSanto again partnered with us to maximize shareholder value through diligent preparation, M&A expertise, and a ‘TeraThink-tailored’ approach that proved successful in facilitating our sale to CGI.  I am beyond  grateful for the partnership we developed and the guidance, competence, and dedication offered.  It made two complex processes successful for our employees, management, and shareholders.”

 Paul V. Lombardi


“When market timing aligned with our readiness for a transaction, the KippsDeSanto team ensured that we were thoroughly prepared  and that our process was professionally managed.  The deal team provided round-the-clock, outstanding advisory and investment banking services that ensured a maximum return for our owners.  They were always available; we always felt like we were their only customer.  Their ability to draw from a deep well of transaction experience provided significant value. They gently educated us throughout the entire process and treated our team with incredible respect.  We thoroughly enjoyed working with them.  They are true professionals and even though I spent years preparing and we were ready, I’m glad I didn’t attempt to navigate the process without them.  Because of their expertise, I felt covered every step of the way, confident that we weren’t missing anything.  With their guidance, we were able to achieve the right outcome for all stakeholders.”

Dom LaPore, CEO of Intelliware

“KippsDeSanto was a long-term, valued advisor for Smartronix.  They provided timely, strategic insights over the years as we built Smartronix into a market-leading cloud technology and ISR business.  As we embarked on the journey of determining the next strategic move in our lifecycle, which culminated in our partnership with OceanSound, it was logical to have KippsDeSanto lead that process.  KippsDeSanto indeed delivers exceptional results.”

John Parris, Chief Executive Officer, Smartronix