Alion Science and Technology Corporation to Acquire MacAulay-Brown, Inc.

“As a one of the high organic growth mid-tier DoD/Intel firms in an attractive market, our phone was always ringing. That being said, after orchestrating and executing a highly successful strategic transformation over the past few years, we needed an investment bank that understood where we had been, what we had built, and how we got there. KippsDeSanto “got it” and could effectively explain why we were well positioned for the current market and for the future. The KippsDeSanto team also helped us pick the right time to hit the market to maximize our options and valuation. Moreover, they knew the right (limited set of) parties for us to include to find a great buyer—one that worked well for our employees, customers and owners.“

Sid Fuchs, President & CEO MacAulay-Brown, Inc. (MacB)