July Cyber Intelligence Review

June was another exciting month for Cyber / Intelligence activity with several notable acquisitions and continued strong investment by venture capitalist funds.  In the headlines, national security remains a focal point of investment and is stimulating a demand for cybersecurity legislation.

Northrop Grumman announced its first acquisition since late 2008 with the purchase of M5 Networks.  The deal was primarily driven by the strong customer relationships held by M5 with foreign military and intelligence organizations, which provides Northrop Grumman with customer diversification in the face of dwindling U.S. federal budgets.

DARPA awarded a multi-year, $21.4 million contract to security start-up Invincea, to secure Android-based mobile operating system devices through a program known as Mobile Armor.  Moreover, former military and Intelligence Community leaders drafted a letter urging the passage of cybersecurity legislation that will offer protections for critical infrastructure.

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