Aerospace / Defense & Government Services 2020 M&A Survey

The past few years have seen strong merger and acquisition activity and valuations in the Aerospace / Defense and Government Services sectors. Some suggested the peak was near. However, market momentum suggested otherwise entering 2020.

For this third annual survey, KippsDeSanto asked key dealmakers from the Aerospace / Defense and Government Services sectors to share their perspectives about M&A deal activity and priorities for 2020. We also asked them to share their insights on strategic drivers of M&A activity including the upcoming U.S. federal elections happening in the fall of this year. The results suggested 2020 may be another active year for M&A.

This survey was conducted prior to major market developments resulting from COVID-19. Therefore, we are excluding results on dealmakers’ predictions for overall economic activity and M&A activity in 2020. This report also does not represent a detailed analysis or predictions of the impact or non-impact of the developing COVID-19 situation on our focus areas.

More than 200 dealmakers in the Aerospace / Defense and Government Services sectors participated in the survey — including many of the largest and most active industry buyers. This includes over 100 CEOs, presidents, CFOs, corporate development executives, or other executive level respondents from corporate / strategic buyers, and nearly 70 private equity partners and senior professionals.

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