At KippsDeSanto, our team of professionals represents our true competitive advantage and is responsible for the success of our firm. As a result, we take great pride in hiring bright, talented and team-oriented professionals that are eager to learn and support our growth. We work hard to instill a positive work environment and an associated firm culture that fosters teamwork, a healthy work/life balance and continuous professional development.

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Summer Internships

KippsDeSanto offers a rewarding and rigorous 10-week summer internship program that allows interns to experience our firm and our culture while learning the nuances and complexities associated with investment banking and M&A transactions. Summer interns work on active client engagements and participate in new business activities. In addition, we organize a series of targeted training programs that help interns develop the necessary skills and technical expertise required to be successful at our firm. We also host off-site team-building functions to ensure that the interns get to know the KippsDeSanto team on a more personal level.

Our internship program is available to upcoming seniors looking to be a full-time Analyst upon graduation and to MBA students looking at the Associate position. We recruit at selected universities as well as through our extensive network of relationships.


KippsDeSanto’s Analysts are highly valued members of our firm and are an integral part of each client deal team. Our flat, team-oriented culture demands that Analysts take on a substantial amount of analytical and support work at a relatively early stage in their careers. Analysts work directly with Associates and senior bankers to provide assistance on transactions. In addition, Analysts provide research and support to new business initiatives and become an expert in our target industries. Our Analyst program is two to three years and offers substantial opportunity for professional development, upward mobility and exposure to active deal flow. In addition to continuous training activities, we also provide our Analysts with a hands-on, one-on-one mentorship program that fosters direct interaction between Analysts and Associates / senior bankers. Specific Analyst activities include: creating valuation models; assisting in the preparation of client and prospective client presentations; contributing to the writing of information memoranda; and championing market research and industry coverage efforts.


KippsDeSanto’s Associates serve as integral deal team members and work directly with Managing Directors, Directors, Vice Presidents, and Analysts on active engagements. Our Associates perform critical functions throughout the entire transaction process, from helping to prepare clients for market, engage with potential buyers, facilitate due diligence and ultimately close the deal. The nature of the work demands that Associates become Registered Representatives and take on a substantial amount of responsibility in transaction execution, client management and new business development. The position offers substantial opportunities to gain invaluable technical expertise and for professional development and upward mobility. As part of our Associate program, each Associate is partnered with a senior banker who serves as a hands-on mentor to assist in their professional and technical development.

Senior Professional

While KippsDeSanto has a proud history of developing senior talent organically, we selectively hire top-tier professionals who bring new relationships, industry expertise and investment banking skills to our firm and who would be additive to our strong culture of integrity, innovation and performance.

Mentor Program

KippsDeSanto has developed a mentor program that partners Analysts, Associates, and Vice Presidents with senior bankers who help guide them as they gain transaction expertise and develop their technical skills. The program provides a structured relationship for employees to better understand our firm’s unique culture and also to help promote professional development. In addition, the program strengthens intra-office relationships and provides a confidential environment to share employment-related successes and challenges. Specific benefits of the program include allowing mentorees to:

  • Gain insight from mentor’s expertise;
  • Receive critical feedback in key areas, such as communications, interpersonal relationships, technical abilities, change management and leadership skills;
  • Develop a sharper focus on what is needed to grow professionally;
  • Learn specific skills and knowledge that are relevant to professional and personal goals;
  • Gain knowledge about KippsDeSanto’s culture and unspoken rules that can be critical for success; and
  • Enjoy a friendly peer with which to share frustrations as well as successes.


At KippsDeSanto, we truly believe in working hard and playing harder. To be successful at KippsDeSanto, employees need to think independently, work hard and look to continuously learn and develop professionally. And while providing exemplary service to our clients requires dedication and commitment, we recognize that our employees have friends, families and life outside of the office so we work to promote a positive work-life balance and a fun work environment.

The following highlights some elements of our unique culture:

KippsDeSanto Gear: At KippsDeSanto, we are all proud of the work that we do and the success that we have been able to create as a firm. As such, our employees embrace the firm and our values and we reward our employees with KippsDeSanto branded paraphernalia, from sunglasses and coffee mugs to back packs and T-shirts.

Attire: Unless our professionals are meeting with clients or prospective clients, our dress code is business casual to promote professional comfortability. In addition, every Friday, employees have the option of wearing jeans if they make a small donation to an employee-selected charity.

Celebrations: KippsDeSanto is all about celebrations! We have a dedicated celebration room at one end of our office where we meet for transaction closing parties and often at the end of the day on Fridays just to celebrate the end of the week. Every Halloween we invite our professionals and their family members into the office for a kid-friendly trick-or-treat party and we coordinate an annual end-of-the year holiday party for employees and their significant others. We also host several outings for our employees throughout the year to promote intra-office relationships and team building.

Office Snacks: To ensure that our professionals are comfortable and well-fed, our kitchens are fully stocked with various hot and cold beverages and snacks.

Fitness and Wellness: At KippsDeSanto, we provide our employees with complimentary access to a gym located in our building. In addition, our firm supports various local marathons and internal friendly competitions. In addition, we recently purchased fitness bracelets for our employees and conducted a firm-wide step challenge competition.

Firm Outings: Each year, KippsDeSanto schedules six to eight off-site functions for our employees to bond in fun and laid-back settings. In the past, these have included white water rafting, golf, zip lining, bowling and escape rooms.

Community Involvement: KippsDeSanto is committed to giving back to our community. We arrange annual community volunteer outings at local charitable organizations. In addition, our optional jeans-on-Friday program raises money for prominent charities.


Compensation: KippsDeSanto provides a highly competitive compensation package to all its employees, which includes generous base salaries and annual bonuses.

Paid Time Off: We strive to promote a healthy work-life balance and therefore offer very generous paid-time-off packages for Analysts, Associates, Vice Presidents, Directors and Managing Directors, respectively.

Health and Dental: We currently cover 100 percent of our employees’ health and dental costs.

Other: We also provide disability coverage, competitive 401(k) matching and flexible spending accounts.